Rare Chet Atkins Jazz LP Discovered at Fellini Kroger!

Rare Chet Atkins 1960 Jazz LP Discovered at Fellini Kroger Goodwill!

A dark and rainy ole weekend. I made a quick trip over to the Fellini Kroger for some eats, briefly ducking into the Goodwill next door. Stunned to discover a rare 1960 Chet Atkins LP I had never even heard of! 50 cents worth of greatness! Best yet..it’s all serious and swinging jazz from the Nashville A Team. Ever wonder what the country cats played after-hours? Tune into the “Quiver” this Thursday eve for a listen!

Harry McClintock Rediscovered!

Haywire Mac! Knoxville’s hobo folkie!


Knoxville native and early folk music recording artist Harry “Haywire Mac” McClintock revealed in Jack Neely’s Secret History Column, courtesy of Metro Pulse…some fascinating history uncovered! Remember “Big Rock Candy Mountain”?

WNOX Dixieland Swingsters 1930s Sheet Music!

RARE 1930s WNOX Dixieland Swingsters Sheet Music!

Incredibly rare 1930s sheet music for Knoxville jazz band The Dixieland Swingsters. The Swingsters, led by Jerry Collins, served as the WNOX house band, even during the station’s country music heyday – proof that both musical forms peacefully co-existed during the era. The Dixieland Swingsters late 1930s RCA Bluebird 78 rpm recording of “East Tennessee Quiver” inspired the title of the WDVX program, now broadcast every Thursday at 10 pm!

WNOX Street Scene, Knoxville, 1947

WNOX Street Scene, Knoxville, 1947

1947 street scene of the legendary WNOX Radio studio located on Gay Street in Knoxville. The station offered free country music shows during the noon hour, a fine tradition continued today by WDVX with the daily Blue Plate Special program. WNOX was home to Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, Don Gibson, and many others during their formative years. Ironically, the WDVX studio is located within two blocks of where the WNOX studio once stood!

Lost Audio Gem: Where Are You From, Mr. Oak Ridger? (1967)


Lost Audio Gem: Where Are You From, Mr. Oak Ridger? (1967)

Click to hear!

A recently discovered and rare flexi disc (remember those in your cereal Box?) This local recording features songs from the musical “A Thousand Suns” written by Betty Clayton Osborn, for Oak Ridge Tennessee’s 25th anniversary in 1967. It was given away free in a special souvenir booklet commemorating the anniversary.

Oddly, a week after we found this recording, we discovered the souvenir book with a photo of the recording session in Oak Ridge, with local talent! Dig that plaid!