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The Ole Possum Has a Bad Day!

Posted By breeves / September 25, 2013

The Ole Possum Has a Bad Day!

Ultra-rare 1982 Nashville tv station news clip of the Great George Jones getting an early start, so to speak!!

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The Legendary Dora Hall!!

Posted By breeves / September 10, 2013

What happens when you mix a multimillionaire and a wife with show-biz aspirations? You get the legendary Dora Hall!

Hall’s husband was a top executive with the Solo Paper Cups Company, and could more than afford to finance his wife’s various vanity projects, such as this unspeakable clip from an early 1970s television special. Includes an”all-star” cast of Oliver, Rich Little, Phil Harris, and Frank Sinatra, Jr. AND Did I mention that Dora also made records, given out free when you purchased a certain amount of Solo Cups? Listen out for one on the upcoming East Tennessee Quiver, this Thursday night at 10 pm!

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Mad Jack Fielden Lives Again!

Posted By breeves / August 14, 2013

They don’t make television like this anymore!

During the early 1980s, intoxicated furniture store owner Mad Jack Fielden made news when he was found sleeping in a bathtub. Which normally would have been fine, but in this case, it was the bathtub of a stranger.

Fielden’s response to all the bad publicity was to poke fun of the situation.

Lost and Found: A whole slew of long-missing-in-action Mad Jack Fielden commercials from long-defunct Knoxville station WTVK-TV, Channel 26!  Unseen for decades,This late early 1980s gem has just been preserved by the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound.


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Posted By breeves / August 1, 2013

Great new piece on Legendary Knoxville icon Cas Walker, featuring footage unseen for decades from the TAMIS vaults. WDVX East Tennessee Quiver host Bradley Reeves makes a cameo!

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Classic Kerns Bakery TV AD From The 1950s!

Posted By breeves /

Long lost  TV commercial for Creme Cups, from Knoxville, Tennessee, bakery Kern’s. Direct from the only surviving 16mm film print!

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