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New Music Adds: Week of 6/28

Posted By ngullett / June 28, 2013

Guy Clark – My Favorite Picture of You
Master songwriter Guy Clark is back with his first studio recording in four years. The album (especially its title track) is a loving tribute to Clark’s wife Susanna who passed away last year. The titular picture is displayed on the album’s cover, and long time Clark collaborators like Shawn Camp, Verlon Thompson, and Brynn Davies help give the tribute the weight it deserves.

Mavis Staples – One True Vine
Speaking of legendary performers, Mavis Staples is also back with a new collection of gospel flavored tunes. As she did on 2010’s You Are Not Alone, Staples has once again turned to Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy as producer/sideman. The album holds an odd mix of Tweedy originals, traditional gospel numbers, and covers of artists such as Nick Lowe and Funkadelic. Staples shines with all.

Civil Wars – “The One That Got Away” (single)
When we last left The Civil Wars late in 2012, they were abruptly canceling a tour and announcing an indefinite hiatus due to, “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.” Since then they’ve released a soundtrack with T Bone Burnett and announced the release of a new album in August. So far, this is the only track that has been released, and the band has made no mention of touring or a reunion.

Beppe Gambetta – The American Album
Beppe Gambetta is a world renowned guitarist who has dabbled in many styles over the years. His newest project has him mining the vast world of roots music for a truly American set from the Italian artist. Material pulled from the catalogues of Jimmie Davis, Norman Blake, and Earl Scruggs is presented in a way that respects the traditions of Americana while also placing a unique stamp on old favorites.

The Deadly Gentlemen – Roll Me, Tumble Me
The Deadly Gentlemen are a Punch Brothers-like collection centered around the songwriting and banjo picking of former Crooked Still member Greg Liszt. Liszt is joined by Sam Wyslouch on guitar and lead vocals, Mike Bennett on fiddle, Dominick Leslie on mandolin, and Sam Grisman (yep… Dawg’s son) on double bass. The vocal gymnastics displayed on the album’s title track make it one of the most fun recordings I’ve heard this year.

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New Music Adds 6/15

Posted By ngullett / June 16, 2013

Delbert & Glen – Blind, Crippled, & Crazy

Delbert McClinton & Glen Clark first recorded together over 40 years ago when they released two albums in the early 70′s under the “Delbert & Glen” name.  This release falls in line with most of Delbert’s catalogue as a sort of country/blues/honky-tonk hybrid.

Statesboro Revue – Ramble on Privilege Creek

The southern swagger of Statesboro Revue is fueled by brothers Stuart (lead vocals) and Garrett (lead guitar).  The fact that band has a brotherly backbone only deepens the already obvious comparisons to Chris and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes.  This is solid southern flavored country-rock.

Jason Boland & The Stragglers – Dark & Dirty Mile

Jason Boland has become synonymous with the Red Dirt music scene over the last decade.  As such, they’ve always been a little “too Texas” for my tastes… even though the band formed in Oklahoma.  This new release, however, owes more to Merle and Waylon than anything coming out of Texas today.  The album was produced by Shooter Jennings.

Mando Saenz – Studebaker

This is Mando’s first record since 2008′s Bucket and the first album the Texas raised songwriter has recorded in Nashville.  Being in Nashville gave him access to guest performers such as Kenny Vaughan, Bobby Bare Jr., and Kim Richey. Richey provides backing vocals throughout the set.  I could see this one ending up on my yearly Top 10 list.  Mando is scheduled for The Blue Plate Special August 13 with Mandolin Orange.

Carper Family – Old Fashioned Gal

The trio from Austin has made quite an impression in their short time together, with their previous record being named Country Album of the Year at the 2012 Independent Music Awards.  Their new album is appropriately named Old Fashioned Gal. It seems to fit the band and the sound.  The Carper Family is on the Blue Plate Special this Thursday, 6/20.

Bonnie Whitmore – There I Go Again

When Bonnie visited the station last week for Tennessee Shines, she told me her new record drew inspiration from sources as diverse as The Dixie Chicks and early Shelby Lynne.  The album heavily features Bonnie’s sister and brother in law Eleanor Whitmore and Chris Masterson of The Mastersons (Chris produced the record), and contains many of the same hooks that made their 2012 album so memorable.
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New Music 4/25

Posted By ngullett / April 25, 2013

Our mailbox here at WDVX has been getting quite a workout over these past few weeks. That usually means a little extra work for me, but it also means a ton of new music for you. In addition to the new releases from The David Mayfield Parade, Kim Richey, Amy Speace, and Eric Brace & Peter Cooper that I wrote about last week, here are a few new albums you should now be hearing in WDVX’s regular mix…

Stories Don’t End by Dawes

Behind the songwriting of front man Taylor Goldsmith, Dawes exploded out of California’s Laurel Canyon with my favorite album of 2011.  It’s hard for me to accurately state how anxiously I’ve been awaiting their follow-up effort or how much I enjoyed getting a small preview of the record during Dawes’ recent appearance at Knoxville’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blooms Festival.  That said, my expectations were sky high as well.  The fact that they were mostly met with songs like the bouncy single “From a Window Seat” (we’ve been spinning that one for a little while now), the anthemic “Most People,” and the forlorn “Just My Luck” stands as a testament to just how talented this band really is.

Buy the Record

The Old School by Peter Rowan

In most cases, me simply telling you there is a new Peter Rowan album on the way should be enough to get you excited.  Now let me also tell you that Rowan’s new record also features Michael Cleveland, Dennis Crouch, JD Crowe, Stuart Duncan, Jessie McReynolds, Bobby Osborne, Don Rigsby, Bryan Sutton, Mike Wichter, and at least three McCourys (McCouries?)… also it’s produced by Alison Brown.  Now do you see why I didn’t just say, “There’s a new Peter Rowan record coming out.”  The album sees official release just a few days after Merlefest comes to a close (4/30).  It’s fitting that the centerpiece is a tribute to Rowan’s late friend called “Doc Watson Morning.”

Buy the Record

The Bus Driver Tour by Danny Freund, Ian Thomas, Paul Lee Kupfer

The Bus Driver Tour is the collective name of songwriters Danny Freund, Ian Thomas, & Paul Lee Kupfer… three artists who found a kinship with each other through their time on the road. Many WDVX listeners will already be familiar with Ian Thomas’ infectious harmonica fueled melodies from a couple of his live CD’s that have aired on the station.  Freund & Kupfer offer strong voices on their original tunes as well.  The song-swapping nature of the album makes the whole thing read as a rootsier version of the Middle Brother project that Dawes’ Goldsmith was involved in a few years ago.

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What Else is Left by The Will Callers

Brad Rice has been on the short list of my favorite guitar players for a long time.  He played with The Backsliders in the late ’90′s before spending time with Ryan Adams, Tift Merritt, and Son Volt among others.  I lost track of him a few years back when he went out on the road with Keith Urban and was very happy to see his name appear on this disc supporting the Austin, TX duo The Will Callers.  Songwriters Jake Murphy and Daniel Slaton give Rice plenty of crunchy licks to flesh out their dirty Stonesy swagger.  Oh yeah… the album is also produced by the one and only Ray Wylie Hubbard.

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Cannery Row by The Deadstring Brothers

If The Will Callers are representative of a bluesier Rolling Stones sound, The new Deadstring Brothers record is more easily associated with Mick & Keith’s Gram Parsons inspired country leanings.  The Detroit outfit moved to Nashville a few years ago (frontman Kurt Marschke lives on Cannery Row just above the dormant railroad loading dock pictured on the album’s cover), and this is their first release to be fully informed by that move.  Crying pedal steels and overall country leanings mark the geographic shift just as much as the lyrical nod to Cannery Row’s fabulous Mercy Lounge music venue.

Buy the Record

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New Music in the WDVX Library 4/20

Posted By ngullett / April 20, 2013

Here are some of the newest sounds you’re hearing on WDVX this week:

Good Man Down by the David Mayfield Parade

David Mayfield’s second release since the dissolution of Cadillac Sky is another ambitious effort that blends his many influences into something quite unrecognizable, but also something maybe quite brilliant.  Friends like Doyle Lawson, Steve Gulley, & Jim VanCleve bring elements of bluegrass to the record even while Mayfield’s production leans more heavily on lessons he learned from his good friend Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. It’s a wondrous mix.

The Comeback Album by Eric Brace & Peter Cooper

Eric Brace and Peter Cooper never really went anywhere.  Sure, this is their first official album since 2010… but they did produce the Grammy nominated Tom T. Hall Tribute I Love in the interim (my daughter owns an I Love coloring book). Their return features more of the witty, well written acoustic based tunes that has made them favorites of ours here at WDVX.  In fact, a few of the songs in this set, including the rapid fire name dropper “Ancient History” were performed for the very first time in our studios over the winter.

Thorn in My Heart by Kim Richey

Kim Richey is perhaps best known as the songwriter behind songs such as Trisha Yearwood’s “Believe Me Baby (I Lied)” among others.  She’s also quietly been putting together an impressive solo catalog since her self titled debut appeared in 1995.  Her latest is a polished and mature collection of songs songs ranging from the acoustic strums of the title track to the more raucous Patty Smith inspired “Come On.” Kim Richey will join us for Tennessee Shines on June 24th.

How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat by Amy Speace

For the liner notes to her new record, Amy Speace pairs the lyrics to each song with a quote from Shakespeare that speaks to the nature of the song.  Allow me then to pair this mention of Speace’s album with a quote from Speace herself that speaks to the nature of the record.  ”When people go through things that are beyond comprehension, a trauma or loss, we turn to music or we turn to poetry to make sense of our deep pain. We grieve alone.”  Speace and producer Neilson Hubbard have crafted a somber collection of songs that deal with finding calm among life’s storms.  Amy Speace comes to Tennessee Shines May 13.

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I Always Knew I’d Be Back

Posted By ngullett / April 17, 2013

Hello interwebs… it’s been a while.

My name is Nelson Gullett, and I am the Music Director here at WDVX.  Many of you may also remember me as the author of the music blog, A Fifty Cent Lighter & A Whiskey Buzz.  That’s a site I wrote for nearly three years from 2008-2011.  I wrote about a lot of the artists that we play at WDVX and also provided readers with links to mp3 samples and YouTube videos from artists that I love.

The blog was taken away from me for reasons beyond my control (that I won’t get into here) in the summer of 2011.  Most of the site is now archived here.  You can poke around the entire site if you like, or just check out my favorite series of articles featuring my Top 10 Americana Albums from 2000-2009 to get a feel of what that blog was like.  All mp3 links are deactivated, but most links to buy the albums should still work.

When my blog disappeared, I was irate/distraught/heartbroken that something I had worked so hard at was yanked away from me.  It did turn out to be for the best, however.  At the time that it happened, my duties at WDVX had just been expanded, and I was about to become a father for the first time.  I simply didn’t have the time to write and update that site four times a week as I had been doing.  Of course, I also never would have stopped on my own, and probably would have killed myself trying to keep going.

It’s always been in the back of my mind, though.  And I’ve always had the desire to write again stuck in the back of my head.  Now, it seems the new (and still improving) WDVX website has afforded me that opportunity once again.

Things will be a bit different this time around.  I doubt I’ll be as prolific as I was before, and I’ll likely refrain from posting mp3′s for now as well.  Keep your eyes open for a few YouTubes from time to time though.

For now, my plans are to use this space maybe once a week or so to update you all on what’s new with the music we play at WDVX.  That may mean occasional album reviews or editorial pieces.  It may even just be quick blurbs updating you all on what the newest albums in our library are.  We’ll figure it out as we go along.

Whatever it turns out to be, it’s good to be back.

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