Alex Leach

Alex Leach

Alex Leach

May 26th, 2014


Hello, my name is Alex. I love all the music we play here on WDVX. All of us DJs, as you can probably tell, have a bunch of fun! The music we play is hard to find, radio station-wise.
Also, I would like to say I love the great outdoors and old times.
Thanks so much for checking out our radio station. It’s wonderful to talk with y’all! Drop me an e-mail anytime & I’ll try to e-mail you back as soon as I can.

Thanks for listening and best wishes!

Spend some time with Alex as he co-hosts the Bluegrass Special with Charlie Lutz each Tuesday at 7PM.


  1. Guillermo says:

    Hi! I am tune in from Uruguay!!
    Love this station and admire the mountains culture.
    I listen you every evening!
    Appreciate you send me a greeting.
    Keep up..


  2. Larry Moody says:

    How do I get a copy of your song Mountain Heartache? I dying to get this on my phone! Thanks.

    — Larry Moody

  3. Matt says:


    I have been a huge fan of the Bluegrass Special and have heard some of your songs played on it before. In particular, I really enjoy Mountain Heartache. I’ve search online to try and download or purchase your music but there is not much information to be found. How would I go about purchasing and/or listening to more of your music?

    Many thanks,


  4. Teresa Sweeney says:

    My mother, Mary Agnes Bruce Collins, is from La Follette and worked with an Alex Leach at the shirt factory in the early 50″s. Would he have been your grandfather?

  5. Alex, Never mind, It was Mountain Heartache and I found the lyrics in my song documents(was in the wrong pew!) Thanks so much anyway, just love your picking and singing; keepin’ the mountain sound perpetuated.


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