Don Burggraf

Don Burggraf

Don Burggraf

July 3rd, 2014


Don is the chief wire twister and light bulb changer for us at WDVX. He’s been in broadcasting since 1968. Pretty much burned out on commercial broadcasting as we know it. He was drafted out of college and spent his military career 600 feet below ground under a mountain. Which probably explains why he prefers spending his leisure time on mountain tops these days. Don has two lovely daughters. When Don isn’t helping out WDVX, he is on the technical staff at a local television station working maintenance and live remotes. He also takes care of one other radio station and three translators.

Don is also the program host of Sunday Jubilee starting with Tennessee Country Classics.

Don keeps himself busy. He is long overdue to be on the lake fishing, with or without a hook.

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  1. Keith Isleib says:

    Took me a long time to locate you. I remember you & your parents from Fairlawn next to Helen & Leo, my aunt & uncle. The Willow tree we made bows and arrows from. All the great animal friends you had. Always enjoyed spending time with you. Seems like you are doing well.
    Best wishes to you. Email me if you wish. Love to hear from you.

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