Doug Lauderdale

Doug Lauderdale

Doug Lauderdale

May 27th, 2014


Rumble host Doug Lauderdale was born to love rockabilly. Pregnant with little Doug, Ma Lauderdale burned up the piano playing rockabilly tunes such as “Blue Suede Shoes” for his dad. Music was so much in his blood that Doug became a radio announcer in cities that included Knoxville, Nashville, and Denver, and at one time worked as a professional karaoke singer.

These days, Doug is a stagehand setting up shows at local and regional theatres and festivals. It’s one of his favorite gigs in a long line of professions that include the Marine Corps, coal miner, prison guard, pawn shop clerk, and working cowboy.

While “One for the money…” and hooks like it are what excite Doug to spin rockabilly and all its cousins, he might just throw in a line about his colorful past to spice up the show.


  1. Greg Whitehead says:

    We love your show here at work!

    I was wondering if you had heard Hot Rod Lincoln Live! by Bill Kirchen? He plays a tribute to a lot of musicians in the middle of the Hot Rod Lincoln song. I knew I had heard that “Rumble” riff before. It was in Hot Rod Lincoln. He also does a tribute to B. B King, THE King, Carole King, Billy Jean King, Don King……etc. :)

    If you haven’t heard it, it’s definately worth a listen. I think you should play it at least once a month! :)

    I also apprecaite you playing FZ. I’ve never heard Zappa played on the radio any where else before (well, I think I heard Dancing Fool once upon a time, but that was a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, and not one of his better songs).

    We appreciate your taste and preserving the old, classic, real music.

  2. Mike Scales says:

    You played a song on August 19 approximately 5:35 following Buddy Guy ‘I Go By Feel’ that is not on the play list. It was a female artist, live recording. I think the name of the song is probably ‘Gallows Tree’. Can you tell me the name of the song and artist?

  3. Jennifer bell says:

    Hey Doug, don’t you do the Saturday night rumble? On 10/4/14 your last set was The Cramps, The Sex Pistols, and Johnny Ramone. I searched the playlist and those songs are missing from about 9:45until you switched over to theLouisiana Bon Ton show. I am trying to download that Cramps song ….Do you know the track name and from what album? You know bad music for bad people …. Ha ha.

  4. Paul says:

    The Song Was …Bikini Girls With Machine Guns…I Think its off the Stay Sick LP

  5. Tommy Cox says:

    Howdy Doug,
    I just wanted to say thanks again for having me on the Blue Plate Special! Greatly appreciate it and I hope we can do it again! Here’s a video link for my original tune “Right Your Wrongs” from Saturdays performance!
    Take care and God bless,
    Tommy Cox

  6. Steve Hooks says:

    Mr. Downtown!!!

  7. Mike Mezmar says:

    Doug, I do not care what your relatives say. You play some might fine music and I enjoy your sense of humor.

  8. Hey Doug, as a follow-up to our conversation, here’s a link to one of my odder (as opposed to otter) songs:

  9. Diane Rocco says:

    Do you know the Jerry Lee Lewis London Sessions album? I think the side that starts with “Movin’ on Down the Line” would be perfect for Rumble. Right on through that closing medley… Gotta dance!

  10. memiss jones says:

    Howdy…I love this show…been listening a long time…and have played once or twice in the past….would love to play again with the whole string band…the jones…real good traditional mountain music….

  11. Kevin McCahill says:

    Best radio show ever. Rock n Roll is good for the soul. Keep up the good work!

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