Freddy Smith

Freddy Smith

Freddy Smith

May 28th, 2014


I was born the third child of ten on December 28th 1958. Half raised in Knox County. I say half raised because I ran off and married before my mom & dad had a chance to finish. The best parents a boy could have did their best with what they had to work with. I graduated from high school in Knoxville in four terms. The terms were Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Fords. I have a degree. I think it’s about 98.6. I also have a black belt, and a brown belt. I swap them out depending on what I’m wearing. I love people & I love good music. With a great love for bluegrass music I volunteered at WDVX. It was to my surprise when Tony Lawson invited me to begin hosting the Rise -N- Shine show each weekday morning. I’ve been in hog heaven ever since! I love my job & the listeners are great. They just love the music like I do. I am a big fan of WDVX and proud to be a part of what the station does for East Tennessee. WDVX brings a slew of music lovers together with the format we offer. When I’m not at the station I am a self-employed construction worker specializing in home repair and remodeling. I enjoy church and church functions. I have one other hobby, raising chickens!


  1. Leaira Powell says:

    Hey, Freddy!

    I’m a huge bluegrass fan. I listen to your program every morning. I live in Sevierville. I was wondering if you could play a request for me tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. I would like to hear “Lovin’ Liza Jane” by Detour. I’m not usually awake until 7, though.


  2. Michael Smith says:

    Proud listener out of Lakeland Florida! Proud of ya uncle Freddy!!!

  3. Jimbeaux says:

    Hey Freddie,
    LOL it ain’t so hard to say…
    …Lou-zee-ann Bone Tone

    Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

  4. Jeff Neel says:

    Freddy can I make a request for your gospel set? Can I hear working on a building? I need some cornerstone this morning. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Thomm Jutz says:


    we met at SPIGMA last February. I was playing with Irene Kelley, we co wrote
    some stuff from her new record.
    I have a new duo album with Craig market coming out.
    My I have your email address, so I can include you in a airplay direct mail out.
    I’d be happy to send you a physical copy if you prefer that.
    thank you
    Thomm Jutz

  6. DALE MCFALLS says:


  7. Harold snell. Aka Spider says:

    Things that go Hmmm. are Zebras white with black stripes or are they black with white stripe (. Hmm. ). The truth of the matter ( hmmm). Ther is a way to tell. The last color on the tip of its tail determines the body color the tip of its ears determine it stripe color We’ll. (. Hmmmm ).

    thanks. spider Jefferson Md

  8. Steve Perry says:

    Freddie, We’ve talked a bunch of times at this and that, I’m the mandolin-violin guy. You are one character, miss seeing you. Miss my chickens, still. Was showing my new gal your persona online. She had a real “chicken man” photo that came with her sinking house boat. You’d really like it! Too little time in life to sit down with everyone. But I’m glad to have spent a little time with you. You’re a real person, increasingly rare.

    Steve Perry

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