Freddy Smith

Freddy Smith

Freddy Smith

May 28th, 2014


I was born the third child of ten on December 28th 1958. Half raised in Knox County. I say half raised because I ran off and married before my mom & dad had a chance to finish. The best parents a boy could have did their best with what they had to work with. I graduated from high school in Knoxville in four terms. The terms were Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Fords. I have a degree. I think it’s about 98.6. I also have a black belt, and a brown belt. I swap them out depending on what I’m wearing. I love people & I love good music. With a great love for bluegrass music I volunteered at WDVX. It was to my surprise when Tony Lawson invited me to begin hosting the Rise -N- Shine show each weekday morning. I’ve been in hog heaven ever since! I love my job & the listeners are great. They just love the music like I do. I am a big fan of WDVX and proud to be a part of what the station does for East Tennessee. WDVX brings a slew of music lovers together with the format we offer. When I’m not at the station I am a self-employed construction worker specializing in home repair and remodeling. I enjoy church and church functions. I have one other hobby, raising chickens!


  1. Leaira Powell says:

    Hey, Freddy!

    I’m a huge bluegrass fan. I listen to your program every morning. I live in Sevierville. I was wondering if you could play a request for me tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. I would like to hear “Lovin’ Liza Jane” by Detour. I’m not usually awake until 7, though.


  2. Michael Smith says:

    Proud listener out of Lakeland Florida! Proud of ya uncle Freddy!!!

  3. Jimbeaux says:

    Hey Freddie,
    LOL it ain’t so hard to say…
    …Lou-zee-ann Bone Tone

    Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

  4. Jeff Neel says:

    Freddy can I make a request for your gospel set? Can I hear working on a building? I need some cornerstone this morning. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Thomm Jutz says:


    we met at SPIGMA last February. I was playing with Irene Kelley, we co wrote
    some stuff from her new record.
    I have a new duo album with Craig market coming out.
    My I have your email address, so I can include you in a airplay direct mail out.
    I’d be happy to send you a physical copy if you prefer that.
    thank you
    Thomm Jutz

  6. DALE MCFALLS says:


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