Hippie Jack

Hippie Jack

Hippie Jack

June 6th, 2014


Hippie Jack hosts “The Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s Radio Hour” on WDVX which airs Saturday nights from 6-7pm. The show features live performances by original singer-songwriters that were recorded at a “Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s” festival or for the “Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s” television series which airs across the country on more than a hundred PBS stations. They record the show at “Studio Beagle” on Hippie’s farm in Overton County, TN.

Jack Stoddart (Hippie Jack) moved to the Plateau in Tennessee from South Florida in 1972 with his future wife Lynne (Mississippi) to pursue a career in fine art photography. After over 30 years of retail art shows, culminating in several museum installations, including the American History Museum, Smithsonian, digital photography changed the nature of everything and rendered silver gelatin print making impossible. At this point Hippie and his family turned to video and started a small Americana Roots TV show that appeared on the smallest PBS affiliate in the country (WCTE), Jammin at Hippie Jack’s. This series went national 5 years ago and opened doors to location work off the farm (all early shows were filmed on the family farm in Overton County). After 8 years of recording music for the TV show, the recordings JHJ has archived have gone into creating the radio show for WDVX.

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  1. bill says:

    Hey Hippy Who was that beautiful singing voiced girl singing them gospel songs on your show on Saturday Feb 7 ??????????? THANKEE for all you do..

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