Jim Childs

Jim Childs

Jim Childs

August 13th, 2014


A native Tennessean, Jim was born in Memphis, but has lived in East Tennessee since the 1970s. He possesses a large, growing and diverse collection of vinyl, which he yearns to inflict on an unsuspecting world. Old time string band, fiddlers, bluegrass, classic honky-tonk, Nashville sound, blues, r&b, rock-a-billy, sixties soul, gospel and much else are collected to fill his unquenchable thirst for things musical. JBS Haldane claimed that the Creator possesses an inordinate fondness for beetles. Although Jim admires the Beatles, his inordinate fondness is for small, local label vinyl. A long time employee of the Knox County Library System and a graduate of the University of Tennessee in History, Jim is proud to call Knoxville home.

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