May 28th, 2014


Being a Tennessee girl by birth, lovin’ Hillbilly music comes pretty natural. I also enjoy many different genres so WDVX is a perfect fit for me. Of course my favorite is REAL country music. It’s not dead everywhere, just on commercial radio and Music Row. As far as I’m concerned Jean Shepard is country music’s unsung hero. She was the first woman to sell a million records, she toured without a husband, brother, or cousin to “take care” of her and she never compromised her music to fit with “Nashville Sound.” The steel guitar would have to be my favorite instrument and I enjoy hearing it in Hawaiian music as well as hillbilly and western swing. When not on the radio, I listen to the same kind of music you hear me play on Thursday nights – some of it old and some new. I’m so glad there are still country artists out there who have not forgotten their roots.

My mom and dad played a big role in making music a very important part of my life. Dad was a trumpet player and Mom was a self-taught pianist, so my sister and I were raised with music in the house. Some of my favorite childhood memories with my Dad were when he’d put a big stack of his country records on the record player and we’d sit up real close to the speakers and sing along while we listened. I collect old 78 and 33 1/3 records now and still get a charge out of playing them from time to time.

My other passion is vintage clothing. I collect purses, shoes, boots, western wear and dresses with big full skirts for spinnin’! Yep, I’m a pack-rat!


  1. Sam Taylor says:

    Last Thursday During the 8:00 hour of Hillbilly Fever you played a live set by Charlie Walker. Was that from Live in Dallas or another live album?

    Thanks for your help
    A long time listener


  2. Tony Walker says:

    Please play Conway Twirry next in line. Love your show!!

  3. Tony Walker says:

    Thanks for playing Lattie Moore Out Of Control Lattie and George wrote that song

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