Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter

May 28th, 2014


I was born and raised in Blount County, Tennessee. My folks took us to shows all the time – from Johnny Patrick at Shakey’s Pizza to the Grand Ole Opry. Beginning as a teen, I played in gospel, punk, and rock bands. I met my talented and musical wife while playing in a band called the Taoist Cowboys. I love music for more reasons than I can count.

In 1997, I got involved in a new little station known as WDVX. For several years I hosted the original Hillbilly Fever every Thursday night from the camper at Fox Inn campground. At some point, I added an extra hour of western swing and hillbilly jazz to my shift. So, the Swing Set was part of the early programming here at WDVX. It was an honor to come back in 2012 and pick up where we left off with the Swing Set.

I really enjoy playing the 1930′s western swing – this great musical tradition really put a hook in me from the first time I heard it.

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  1. Lisa Krzywda says:

    Hi Scott, My husband and I were fortunate to hear part of your show on WDVX today (Sunday 9/20). Can you please tell us what was playing at about 4:55 pm? It was beautiful. We think it was a trio (bass, guitar and mandolin).

    Lisa Krzywda

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