Katie Cauthen

Radio Host Katie Cauthen

Hey ya’ll, I’m Katie Cauthen. My roots are in Alabama, but have grown up here in East Tennessee. My daddy has listened to WDVX ever since the camper days, and the first time that I went to the Blue Plate Special I knew I would love to have something to do with the station when I was older.

Though I have always loved music, it was as a student in Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee I discovered an unknown love for radio and broadcasting. Ever since becoming a student DJ at WUTK in September of ’07, I haven’t spent a week away from being on-air. In December of ’07, through a crazy coincidence of sitting beside my Professor Dr. Ed Spray at a Ricky Skaggs’ show, I became in contact with Tony Lawson, who welcomed me into the DVX family as an intern and eventually Monday Night DJ. Now I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world and want to learn as much as I can while I’m here!

Other than that, you can find me at shows in or out of town, or digging in the record stores to add to my ever-growing vinyl collection, most of which I play on my show. The first sticker I had on my truck when I was 16 was a WDVX bumper sticker. I love being a part of the station, and thanks so much to everyone who has made me feel welcome, or called, or even just listened. I’d love to hear from you on Monday nights during Category Stomp!

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