New Music in the WDVX Library 4/20

Here are some of the newest sounds you’re hearing on WDVX this week:

Good Man Down by the David Mayfield Parade

David Mayfield’s second release since the dissolution of Cadillac Sky is another ambitious effort that blends his many influences into something quite unrecognizable, but also something maybe quite brilliant.  Friends like Doyle Lawson, Steve Gulley, & Jim VanCleve bring elements of bluegrass to the record even while Mayfield’s production leans more heavily on lessons he learned from his good friend Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. It’s a wondrous mix.

The Comeback Album by Eric Brace & Peter Cooper

Eric Brace and Peter Cooper never really went anywhere.  Sure, this is their first official album since 2010… but they did produce the Grammy nominated Tom T. Hall Tribute I Love in the interim (my daughter owns an I Love coloring book). Their return features more of the witty, well written acoustic based tunes that has made them favorites of ours here at WDVX.  In fact, a few of the songs in this set, including the rapid fire name dropper “Ancient History” were performed for the very first time in our studios over the winter.

Thorn in My Heart by Kim Richey

Kim Richey is perhaps best known as the songwriter behind songs such as Trisha Yearwood’s “Believe Me Baby (I Lied)” among others.  She’s also quietly been putting together an impressive solo catalog since her self titled debut appeared in 1995.  Her latest is a polished and mature collection of songs songs ranging from the acoustic strums of the title track to the more raucous Patty Smith inspired “Come On.” Kim Richey will join us for Tennessee Shines on June 24th.

How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat by Amy Speace

For the liner notes to her new record, Amy Speace pairs the lyrics to each song with a quote from Shakespeare that speaks to the nature of the song.  Allow me then to pair this mention of Speace’s album with a quote from Speace herself that speaks to the nature of the record.  ”When people go through things that are beyond comprehension, a trauma or loss, we turn to music or we turn to poetry to make sense of our deep pain. We grieve alone.”  Speace and producer Neilson Hubbard have crafted a somber collection of songs that deal with finding calm among life’s storms.  Amy Speace comes to Tennessee Shines May 13.

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