Sunday Jubilee, 5 – 11 p.m.

WDVX presents five hours of traditional music programming, produced locally by Jubilee Community Arts. JCA is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the evolving traditional arts and cultural communities of this Southern Appalachian region.

The Vinyl Frontier, 9 – 10 p.m.

Jim Childs showcases audio treasures collected at yard sales, from family, and pulled from the vaults of the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound (TAMIS). Tune in to hear old-time string bands, fiddlers, bluegrass, classic honkytonk, Nashville sound, blues, R&B, rock-a-billy, ’60s soul, gospel and much else from Jim’s collection specializing in small, local-label vinyl.

The Vinyl Frontier explores the distant frontiers of long-forgotten recorded sounds from the dawn of the record industry at the turn of the twentieth century to the demise of the vinyl era in the 1980s. You’ll hear anything from home-recorded acetate discs, 1940s’ pop, old time country, jazz, blues, to radio transcriptions from local radio stations WNOX and WROL; all on 78, 45 and 331/3. The emphasis will be on local and regional recordings, writers and performers.

Each week a connecting thread links the records being played (although the connections could be diverse and obscure as the records being played!), and Jim provides historical background and commentary and chat about the records and artists.

Tens of thousands of records were released during the first 80 years of recorded sound, from the vanity recordings pressed in small quantities, to now-forgotten hits of the day distributed in their thousands. In this era of CDs, downloading and MP3s, many of these great – and not-so-great records – have fallen through the cracks and will probably never make the crossover to the digital age. Consequently, much of our musical heritage is buried away and hidden, awaiting rediscovery. Fortunately, WDVX is equipped with operable turntables, particularly one that will play 78 rpm records. So sit back and wait to discover some hidden gems on East Tennessee’s own.

Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound Located at the East Tennessee History Center

Knoxville, TN 865 215 8856