Vinyl Frontier Playlist 7/7/13

Vinyl Frontier Playlist 7/7/13

Artist – Song Title/Album Title (Release Date) Record Label 0:00

Clint Howard – Fifty Cents/Looking Off Down the Road (1983) Old Homestead 2:37

Clint Howard
Clint Howard

Clint Howard was part of the group on the seminal LP “Old Time Music at Clarence Ashley’s.”

Graham Townsend – Gilles Roy/…and His Country Fiddle (1967) Banff 2:30

Tracy Nelson – Stay As Sweet As You Are Now/Tracy Nelson Country (1969) Mercury 2:30

Pete McMahan – Reuben’s Ridge/Missouri Fiddin’ No. 2 (early 70′s) none – self-produced

New Dawn – Wild Horses/Single (1979) Thunderhead 3:00

The Dismembered Tennesseans – Sweetheart, You Done Me Wrong/Singing Their Greatest Hits (c1988) none – Self-produced 3:30

New Dawn – I Don’t Know You (c1980) Herringbone 2:38

New Dawn – This Heart of Mine (1979) Thunderhead 2:30

The Dismembered Tennesseans – Crossville Breakdown/Singing Their Greatest Hits (c1988) 2:50

the Dismembered Tennesseans today
the Dismembered Tennesseans today

The Dismembered Tennesseans have been a East Tennessee institution forever it seems. Actually, fiddler Fletcher Bright, banjo player Doc Cullis and lead vocalist and guitarist Bobby Martin joined forces as high school students in 1945. Other members have been added over the years, but these recordings mostly feature the core group.

New Dawn – Ramblin’ Fever/single (c1980) Herringbone 2:46

New Dawn at the 1982 World's Fair, Knoxville, TN l-r Phil Leadbetter, Darryl Wolfe, Kent Leadbetter, Jimmy Milsaps
New Dawn at the 1982 World’s Fair, Knoxville, TN l-r Phil Leadbetter, Darryl Wolfe, Kent Leadbetter, Jimmy Milsaps. photo from Bobby Wolfe

I know that Kent Leadbetter and legendary dobro player Phil Leadbetter were members of New Dawn. Former Knoxville Grass mandolin player Darryl Wolfe was a member at one point as well. If you know who the rest of the band was at the time these recordings were made, please leave a comment below. I would be most grateful.

Johnny Dollar – Cold, Cold Heart/Mr. Personality (c1967) none – Self-produced 2:45 (Kilgore, TX, 1922)

Johnny Dollar
Johnny Dollar

Johnny Dollar was a significant, if unrecognized, figure in Texas Rockabilly. Author of songs such as “Rockin’ Bones” and “Green Eyed Cat,” Dollar never received the success he deserved.

Ray Sanders – Beer Drinkin’ Music/single (1969) Imperial 2:59 (born in Saint John, KY, 1935)

Johnny Hardy – Hold Your Feelings Back (1983) F&L 2:17 (apparently born in Rockmart, GA, mid 40′s)

Autry Inman – You Don’t Live There Anymore/single (1965) Jubilee 2:00 (born in Florence, AL, 1929)

Red Sovine – Bottle, Bottle/Tell Maude I Slipped (1968) Starday 2:36

John Patrick – She’s You and More/single (c1969) Dogwood 2:30

Cedar Ridge – He Wrote My Name/Jesus Wants to Be Your Everything (1980) Thunderhead 1:54

The Emmanuel Trio – Lord Lead Me On/Must I Go Empty Handed (1970) Sing 2:00

The Emmanuel Trio – Born To Serve the Lord/Must I Go Empty Handed (1970) Sing 2:30

The Emmanuel Trio of Griffin, Georgia c1970
The Emmanuel Trio of Griffin, Georgia c1970

LaVerne Tripp – Try a Little Kindness/Sings Country Soul (1973) 1:44

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