Vinyl Frontier Playlist, Sunday 7/14/13

Vinyl Frontier Playlist, Sunday 7/14/13

Artist – Song Title/Album Title (Release Year) Record Label 0:00 Smilin’ Eddie Hill – Bless Your Little Thumpin’ Gizzard/single (1949) Decca 2:53

l-r: Ira Louvin, Eddie Hill and Charlie Louvin

Charlie Louvin on Eddie Hill: He offered us a job he didn’t even have yet. He’d gone to Memphis and convinced them people that he had the best duet in the business and the best band in the business. He had nothin’ but just talk. So only after that did he ask us if we’d come down…and we did. And the Louvin Brothers were, I suppose, were the hottest that we ever were when we were in Memphis. That was in 1947. (from

Kelly Jones – Angus Campbell/Authentic Old Time Tunes (1975) SPBGMA 1:56 Pete Pyle – It’s So Hard to Be Just a Pal to You (1940) BB 3:00 Red Speeks – Mountain Boy/Nashville Sounds of Country (1972) Red Hed 3:03

Shorty Long – Who Said I Said That/single (1953) Valley 2:35 Johnny Reno – Naughty Mama/single (1958) Valley’s Meadowlark 2:45 Shorty Long – Nine Little Kisses/single (1953) Valley 2:33

Shorty Long
Shorty Long

Well, I was wrong about Shorty Long’s “Western” image. Since I last looked him up, a lot more information has become easily available. It appears that his “Santa Fe Ranch” was in his home state of Pennsylvania. I had to laugh.

John Henry III – Go Dan Tucker/single (unknown date) Boogertown 2:35 Jim Epperson – Jungle Boogie/single (1976) Dogwood 2:15 Con Hunley – Columbus Stockade Blues/single (1976) Prairie Dust 2:25

The Boyd Brothers & Buffalo – Dunlap/single (unknown) Ridge 3:18

boyd bros

If you like this side as much as I do, you’ll be glad to know there is a video to go with it – and a downloadable mp3 on the Vinyl Frontier Blog at

Charlie Rich – River, Stay Away From My Door/She Loved Everybody But Me (1970) RCA 2:48 Charlie & Willie – Hello, Bottle/single (1969) Valley 2:04

I’m not sure who Charlie & Willie (The Johnson Boys) were, but they were on the Jim Clayton era Valley Records label. The Kountry Kings band is credited as the backing on this disc. The Kountry Kings were the house band for Jim Clayton’s Startime television show. In regards to the Startime record label and it’s sister, the reactivated Valley label, Brad Reeves of the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound (TAMIS) had this to say in 2011:

Yes, the Startime Label  belonged to Jim Clayton, and was a sister label to Valley Records. The engineer…Ray Rose, has worked for Channel 6, WATE since the 1950s, and still employed there at present. Rose played with The Kountry Kings, the house band for Clayton’s local tv show , also called “Startime” during the 1960s and 1970s. The show mostly aired on WATE-TV 6 during the 1960s and 1970s.

Clayton bought out local Knoxville record label Valley Records in the late 1960s. Valley was started by Jack Comer, owner of the Deane Hill Country Club, during the early 1950s, and for a few years, released a slew of good local records in all genres. The label had one good-sized hit, the first version of CRYING IN THE CHAPEL, sung by Darrell Glenn. The studio was located on Deane Hill Country Club property. Clayton continued releasing recordings by local artists (many of whom appeared on his television show), on Valley and Startime through the mid-1970s. A few records feature Clayton himself.

Lucille Starr – Crazy Arms/The French Song (1964) A&M 2:41 Doug Jernigan – Orange Blossom Special/Uptown to Country (c1974) Emmons 2:24

Bill Phillips (with Dolly Parton) – Put It Off Until Tomorrow/single (1965) Decca 2:30

Jimmy Arthur Ordge – Old Country Church/Tears From a Country Heart (late 60′s) Point 2:30


JIMMY ARTHUR ORDGE – Jimmy was born and raised in the Donalda area where he started picking and playing for school house dances. Jim moved to Edmonton in his teens and was a regular on “Old Dad Taylor’s Jubilee Jamboree.” Jimmy did shows and dance jobs around the area and in the early 50′s, he started doing radio and television shows. While playing a club in Whitehorse, he met Al Oster who wrote Jimmy’s first hit, “Irena Cheyene.” “Irena” won him his first Moffat Award. Jim’s other big hits include “Muk Tuk Annie” and “Hershel’s Hemi Half-ton.” When country music hit a decline for a few years, Jimmy diversified and bought himself a business that keeps him busy when not entertaining. Jimmy continues to entertain folks with “That Voice” in the the traditional country style that hasn’t changed in the last four decades and is often a guest artist for the Alberta Country Music Legends touring throughout Alberta.

(From The Association of Canadian Country Music Legends website:

Shady Grove Band – Don’t Put Off ’til Tomorrow/On The Line (1987) Flying Fish 3:50 (written by Pete Pyle and Bill Monroe) The Reverend Charley McGill – Wait a Little Longer, Please, Jesus/Have You Met My Friend (1970′s) Portland Sound

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