Vinyl Frontier Playlist, Sunday 7/28/13

Playlist, Sunday 7/28/13

Artist – Song Title/Album Title (Release Year) Record Label 0:00

Hank Penny – The Cricket Song (1957) Decca 2:47

Norman Blake & Red Rector – Lorena/Norman Blake & Red Rector (1976) County 2:30

Kenny Baker & Joe Greene – High Country/High Country (1968) County 2:30

Henson Cargill – Four Long Seasons/Skip a Rope (1968) Monument 2:12

Andrew F Boarman – Somewhere in West Virginia/Mountain State Music (1978) June Appal 2:30

Carl Perkins – Never Look Back/My Kind of Country (1973) Mercury 2:50

Pinnacle Mountain Boys circa 1962

Loren Rogers (banjo) – Bluegrass Special 2:33

Buster Turner (vocal) – Little Maggie 3:00

Pinnacle Mountain Boys (featuring vocal trio) – All the Good Times are Past and Gone 2:49

Blue Valley Boys – Steel Guitar Chimes (Monroe Queener, dobro) 2:10

Pinnacle Mountain Boys – God’s Name in Vain 3:47

Pinnacle Mountain Boys 1963

The Pinnacle Mountain Boys, circa 1963. l to r: Monroe Queener, Charlie Collins, Don Gulley, Jerry Moore, Allen Collins, Buster Turner. From Facebook page for “Sounds Like Home: A Night of Music from the Cumberlands.”

Under-recorded and under appreciated, the Pinnacle Mountain Boys were one of the most accomplished Bluegrass band in East Tennessee in the 50′s and 60′s. Sadly, Loren Rogers died in an automobile accident not long after this recording was made (accounting for his absence in the photo above). Don Gulley’s son Steve and his band Grasstowne perform some of the Pinnacle Mountain Boys songs and have recorded at least one: “I Don’t Worry About You Anymore,” on the album “Kicking Up Dust.”

Vintage Country

Welton Lane – I Just Got Tired of Being Poor (1971) Epic 2:22

Leon McAuliff – Red River Ramble/Swinging West (recorded 1958 as “Golden Chances” for Sesac) Starday 2:00

Red Lane – Throw a Rope Around the Wind (late 1971)2:26

Donny Young – I’d Come Back to Me (1962) Mercury 2:22

Donny Young – Pictures Can’t Talk Back (1959) Decca 2:30

Donny Young, aka Johnny Paycheck, Decca publicity photo

Born Donald Eugene Lytle in Greenfield, Ohio on May 31st, 1938, Johnny Paycheck would experience a meteoric rise – and fall – as a country singer in the 1970′s with masterful interpretations of songs by David Allen Coe and Foster and Rice causing the rise and personal problems causing the second.

Although it took several years for Paycheck’s career to take off, these late fifties and early sixties cuts show that he was neck-in-neck and possibly ahead of George Jones in developing the classic honky-tonk vocal style the two men would eventually become legendary for.

By the middle 1980′s, Paycheck’s career was a shambles. He would serve 22 months for nearly killing a man with a pistol in a barroom brawl in his hometown of Hillsboro, Ohio. After this experience, Paycheck went straight and attempted a comeback which was curtailed by emphysema. Unfortunately, this disease took his life in 2003. He lies in a burial plot donated by George Jones.

Hymn Time

Esco Hankins & Jackie – Stairway to Heaven/Mother Left Me Her Bible (1963) REM 2:30

Esco Hankins & Jackie – By the Crystal Sea/Mother Left Me Her Bible (1963) REM 2:00

Boots Randolph – Amen/Sunday Sax (1968) Monument 2:38

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